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REF Features


A Tempometer & Metronome.

Small, Stealthy Design & Covert Use. Invisible to an audience.
Completely Self-Contained. No ugly wires or hardware.
Portable. Take and use it anywhere, anytime.
Universal Application. Not just for drummers.
Any Time Signature Monitoring.
Wake On Tap. Instantly ready.
Internal and External Sensors. Monitor 2 sources. No tap button to look for.
Improved Threshold Knob with raised white line. See and feel its setting.
Hears Cross-Sticking, Accented Brush Strokes, Full Snare Hits, Finger & Foot Taps.
High Intensity .4" LEDs. Legible at 12 feet.
High Speed Microprocessor listens for a tap 4,000 times/sec.
10 - 254 bpm range. No skipped numbers in both modes.

65 Preset 1-Minute Song Starts. Quickly store a set or an entire song list.

2-Button Metronome Operation. Increments/decrements thru presets.
Fast Stepping quickly gets to a distant number.
Button Delay minimizes accidentals.
Preset 66 is a 20-minute Standard Metronome @ 40 - 208 bpm.
Metronome Flash Subdividing. A tempo doubler. on & off @ 60 bpm.
Audible Beep on/off.
Auto Mode Shift. A tap always engages monitor mode.
Auto & Manual Sleep Mode. Saves battery power.
Small Footprint. Only a 1" square Velcro touches your drumhead.
Use It On or Off Your Snare. Attaches anywhere w/ supplied external sensor.

Sophisticated In Application, Yet Quick & Simple Operation.

Up To 1+ Year Battery Life. Spares have a 7-year shelf life.
Rugged ABS Case. Small, <2 ozs.
bullet6 Month Warranty.
bullet Additional Batteries, Sensors, Clips, Velcro Available.