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          "The metronome problem is a serious one, and finding a pleasing and useful answer to it's question is a noble cause. I feel like I'm spending my money on a truly unique invention."    Nick - Milwaukee, WI


       "There just are not words to describe how helpful I found this device.  I’ve been playing drums for over 35 years and have always struggled with tempo.  I’ve tried several metronomes without success and have often wondered if a device such as this exists.  I cannot thank you enough for this product."    Gary - Worthington, OH


        "Just wanted to drop a line to you guys. My new Tempo REF...The BEST thing I've bought in years! At 53 years old I've been in the studio for most of the last 4 years and began playing out recently. I’ve had the benefit of recording to a click in the studio. The Tempo REF works great in the studio and for practice. I just set mine on two pieces of Moon Gel on my snare and turned the sensitivity all the way up and it works great. This will go on my 12-gig mini tour next week. Thanks Gang!"       David - Baldwinsville, NY


          "The Tempo REF is absolutely the most indispensable, important drumming tool I could possibly imagine! Once I learned the programming, 4 sets of music with my band were instantly “Tempo Accurate”. An additional bonus…all the “chatter & yakking” around varying tempos turned into silence! The best $$ I ever spent!"    Howard - Aurora, CO


       "Gave the Tempo REF a test drive at my Saturday gig and it passed with flying colors! The upside was that I found out my timing was not that far off the mark and it also put an end to any "discussions" about song tempos. The downside? I can't think of any except I should have bought this sooner!"    Jim - Clarks Green, PA


       "I think you have invented the greatest product for a drummer and quite possibly for the entire band."    Johnny - Killen, AL


       "...after over 21 years, my Beat Bug is still working fine.  You made those things to stand up!  Thanks!!"    Perry - West, TN


       "Congrads...on the great review in MD...as an owner of both the Beat Bugs its great that you have been able to continue to improve and drive the costs down. The REF will certainly be on my holiday wish list...Congrads again!"    David - Needham, MA


        "I received the Tempo REF last week and got a chance to use it for the first time during a live gig over the weekend. I have to say that every song flowed much more smoothly than any past performances. Not just for the drummer, but for the whole band. I couldn't believe the difference the Tempo REF made in such a short time! It is very easy to use and makes a huge difference instantly! I will never play another gig without it. I STRONGLY suggest any drummer that wants to improve the way they play, as well as the rest of the band; they should definitely have the Tempo REF as part of their kit. Thanks!"    Mike - Sauk Rapids, MI


        "I purchased your Tempo REF a few months ago and the results have been dramatic. This is the simplest, most effective drum aid I have ever purchased. No more arguments from the guys in the band. Thank you."    Gary - Ontario, Canada


        "When a Drummer is born he should be given 3 things...a social security number, a pistol permit and a Tempo REF."    Sherwin - Springville, NY


        "Hey - the Tempo REF is doing everything you said it would - and I'm a better drummer for it! Your election to call it the REF (eree) is entirely on the mark. My credibility has gone up tremendously with the musicians I work with (with the REF flagging the penalties) and my own adrenaline inconsistencies are being monitored to myself. Too Cool! BTW- One guy calls it "the de-lyer"...and thanks for a great product."    Rocco - Brackettville, TX


        "I just received the "Tempo REF" and it's GREAT! You got one heckuva product there. Very well thought out. My hat's off to you and the design team. You're right, nothing out there like it. Thanks again and I'll talk it up to fellow drummers."    Jeff - Louisville, KY


        "... I brought the li'l box to the gig tonight ... you have no idea what a stir you've caused ... my drummer absolutely freaked out ... my bass player never smiled in his life until tonight ... the bandleader, with 6 solo smooth jazz CDs ... wondered why the groove was so solid ... and then there's me on keys ... so I was wondering, what took these guys so long to catch on..."    Wally - Venice, FL


        "I worked for Carl Palmer for over two years back in the early eighties. I spent almost 15 years, touring the world with almost every big name band you can think of. In short, I've been around the block in the drum business.

          I own two Tempo REFs, one for my studio kit, and one for my live kit. Every drum I own is fitted with Lug Locks. In my opinion, these products are two of the biggest innovations in the drum world in the last twenty five years. I wouldn't be without either one. Thanks Lug Lock!!"    Andy Cave - Birmingham, AL


        "I've been performing with a Beat Bug since I found model 1 in the back of Modern Drummer. (His name's Trigger- my best and most clever friend.) I've been called both a hack and a genius because of it, but who's getting the gigs? Yours truly, that's who. The real-time stability of the Beat Bug combined with it's ability to let the tempo breathe is a superb combination, especially in open jam and unexpected drop-in situations. Results cannot be denied when the crowd is chanting your name...:-) Thanks for everything."    Richard - ?


        "As an owner of the original Beat Bug and Tempo REF, I have to say that these products have changed my life! Corny? Well, the only thing a drummer brings with him to gigs are his kit and his confidence. When someone has imbibed a little into the drink and claims tempos are speeding up, or some tea tote-ler jacked up on coffee says the tempo's dragging, these little babies settle the arguments, help me focus on chops instead of that (until now) ever-wavering tempo. Hats off guys! The gigs are rolling in! Everyone wants to work with the rock ...Wooohooo!"    Randy - Fremont, CA 


        "I am Professional Drummer in the Kansas City area and I love your products. I use the Tempo REF as well as the Gig Rug. I always have people ask me what that thing is on my snare drum. I love it, love it, love it...The Tempo REF gives me Confidence in my playing!...I play with several world class musicians who love my solid tempo and it's because of your product."  Mike - K.C., MO


       "I would just like to say that I think that the Tempo REF is one of the most effective drumming tools I have ever used in my life. I have played a plethora of different snare drums and I wish every single one of them had a Tempo REF attached to them. My performance during recording sessions have improved markedly and the tempos are spot on. In 5 seconds I learned how to work with it. By my 4th or 5th session with it I began to notice its distinct effect on my consistency. My confidence that I am leading the band in a positive and steady direction is encouraging too. Thanks for making such a brilliant product."    Nick - West Allis, WI


        "I just got back from Marshfield.  Yup, 7:15 am Sunday.  I'm bushed but yet I'm buzzin' with pride! The Tempo REF was amazing.  It created a confidence level in me that I have never experienced before.  No longer did I have to guess at what those jokers really wanted.  I picked a tempo and stayed with it.  The whole playing experience was heightened. I don't know if I'll ever play professionally again without.  It was an instant success. Thank you for the 411 on the REF!!!!!!!!!  It's da bomb!"    David - Sullivan, WI


        "Ok, so now I have used this in a band practice situation as well as a live performance, and the difference was very noticeable. It wasn't so much when I looked at the display the tempo was varied 1 beat either way. But when I felt the rest of the band start to pull, I had the reference to hold it back. More than once the base player wandered over to look at the display for himself. And all I could think was "GOTCHA" lol...I have been in a lot of bands and everyone of them had heated tempo debates at one instance or another. This little device speaks to that point. I can't thank you enough for the time and development you put out to create this tool for drummers. And on another positive note I found out I keep very good time. That did a lot for my confidence. It makes a difference when you can play with undisputable conviction. I waited too long to buy this. Thanks again."  Nick - Claymont, DE


       "Wow! I just spent two nights in a recording studio with my band, and it was really my first practical application of the Tempo REF. What a cool product! We recorded some of the songs with a click track, and I used Tempo REF in conjunction on some tracks just to see how steady I really was. I found that I can play with the bpm's within three or four beats of what the click is set at and still stay in time with it, depending on the particular feel. It gave me more confidence than I have ever had while recording, and I can't wait to take it out this weekend and try it in a live setting for the first time. We are playing a two niter (roughly 40 songs a night) and I will be pre-setting about half of the tempos to start off with. What a great tool for the singing drummer, who sometimes sings more than he drums!!

        I just finished a two niter and utilized the Tempo REF for the first time in a live setting. WOW! I loved it.  My bass player did too!:) She was peeking over at my snare drum all night.  We've never sounded more solid.  Thanks again.  Your work has meaning to us."    Tim - Fort Collins, CO


        "I am really satisfied with the product! It feels solid, easy to use, and it is small. Overall I find this a good quality product. Thank you for creating such a device. I look forward to your inventions in the future. Thank you for the quick delivery, it was well packed and protected.    Jorn - Steggerda, The Netherlands


        "Thanks for making such a fine product. I really value having it in my setup. It sets up easy and tears down fast. The ease of use and programming are so intuitive that it really shines in a live setting where you have to react fast. I used to use another product made by another company...but it required external power and a separate stand or clamp to use. Plus it had no built-in metronome or count-in feature. The Tempo REF is just a wonderful little device."    Heath - Wichita, KS


        "Got the REF the other day and took it to band rehearsal the other night and LOVED it. It helped me play the right tempo and keep the right tempo. Thanks for selling such a great product."    Roger - Indianapolis, IN


        "I have been using the Tempo REF for the last few months. This is the most valuable piece of equipment a drummer can have. I play contemporary Christian music and tempo is EVERYTHING!! With this little device you can play a rock steady tempo. Thanks for a GREAT product at a GREAT price!!"    Steve - Oxford, NC


        "We purchased our Tempo REF from you directly in February '03 -- we've owned it for about 11 months. We love it, use it frequently, and have truly been singing the praises of this product from the US to Europe when we tour. We even took it into the studio with us for one of our drummers to use, in place of a click track -- it worked out great. Congratulations on a fine product.

...we've actually made it a requirement that our drummers be able to use the REF. We've truly come to depend on our Tempo REF as it has brought a new level of professionalism to our band and made my job as band leader much easier."    Evan - Seattle, WA


        "I just received my Tempo REF and wanted to thank you for getting it out quick and also compliment your device. I remember working with the old Beat Bug and the improvements and modifications are impressive. Thanks Again."    Joey - Los Angeles, CA


        "My Tempo REF showed up last week and I used it on a gig last night. I LOVE IT! One of the best accessory purchases I have ever made. The bass player kept asking me all night "How are we doing?" That device will settle any tempo disputes that pop up. Thanks for an AWESOME product."    Jack - Naperville, IL


        "I purchased the Tempo REF a few months back. I just returned from a tour of the Midwest and Southwest. While playing a gig in Nebraska the audience could come behind the stage to view the band. After the show I was amazed at the number of people that asked me about the REF. Some were musicians that were interested in getting the device for their drummer, others were simply people that were intrigued by the device. Several drummers wanted to know about how to get a REF. I told them about your website. I love the REF and wish I'd had it for the last 25 years of playing. ...thanks for making the REF."    Dale - Los Angeles, CA


        "Just want to give you a heads up on my recent purchase of your Tempo REF. I've been playing now (again after a quick two decade pause) for two years and have been getting my skills back, though I always seem to have an issue with my timing. I've used your Tempo REF for several rehearsals and played out this passed weekend for the first time with it. Compliments and praise from band mates and everyone at the show. I got to give the credit to the Tempo REF. It kept us focused and in the  groove. Great product and I will continue to recommend to my fellow drummers."    Pete - Baldwin, NY


        "I hate it when a drummer starts a song at a certain tempo, and gets a little excited during the lead break. Giddyupp horsey! By the time the song is over, the tempo is about 7bpm faster than when started! I am a drummer, and I try not to do that. The Tempo REF has greatly reduced time in the studio redoing tracks because of tempo issues. You can toss the click track! Alcohol is an issue as well during live performance. The singer seems to think everything is getting faster when the booze starts flowing. The Tempo REF settles a lot of arguments. Cool product..."   Matt - Boise, ID


        "Thanks. This is my fourth "Beat Bug".  I love your product.  I have had one of each model from the very first one."    Brad - Springfield, MO


        "...the ref is awesome, I love this unit. This is light-years ahead of anything that I have seen."    Todd - Juneau, AK


        "Just letting you know that I think the Tempo REF is a great product. I have been using it for practice and at the gig’s and it works great."    Frank - Katy, TX


        "...got the REF the other day and it's amazing thanks so much for such prompt shipping."    Phil - Island Park, NY


       "I used it last night, and it worked great. It's much easier to mount and use. Thanks again for a great product and great service.    JM Drums - Pittston, PA


        "Great service, cool item! AAA+++"    Mark - Austin, TX


        "I have used the Tempo REF for a year and it has been an excellent tool for keeping time. Certainly has helped confirm tempos with a rushing guitarist and helped with my personal time keeping. Highly recommend to any drummer, beginner to advanced. Lug Locks I have fitted to my brass snare with culprit loosening tension screws, these are excellent to retain tuning, no looking back. Would fit to any snare that is gigged on regularly."    Neil - New Zealand


        “I received my Beat Bug 3 on Monday afternoon and finally had the chance to check it out last night, and I have to say, I’m already a huge fan of this “Oh my God, why didn’t I think of that?” tool! As a drummer of almost 20 years, I’ve wood-shedded to a metronome and am happy with my tempo, but what drummer wouldn’t love the occasional reminder of where they sit in the BPM world?

 Though I’ve only used it for a single night so far, I’m considering it money well spent and look forward to its live applications. I guess it’s time to spread the word!”    Fitch - Framingham, MA


        "I've been meaning to email and thank you for your wonderful work on the Tempo REFs. I absolutely love them both, and they have done wonders for my group: (Guitarist now realizes the frail inconsistent tempo of his Roland Space Echo SRE 555, and likewise with my keyboardist and his SE 201.) And my bassist loves it.

        More than any of that though, I have been able to pinpoint a number of troubles and good methods of expression with my own performances, both on scales as small as 1bpm inflection and as large as entire song tempos etc. I even find myself being more careful with my ghost notes, and am always more confident with stressing the backbeat or the deeper groove.

        Finally, I use my REF everywhere I go, in the house, on my djembe, listening to music in the car, just randomly on my key chain, and even on jogs to keep tempo, or to analyze other songs' grooves etc. I really couldn't be happier with buying these guys. I hope I can get you some more business by hyping them up to everybody I know. :-) Cheers on your awesome work."   Matt - Bloomington, IN


        "I currently use an REF I bought last year.  I'm upgrading to the big daddy model and getting the second REF as a spare. I bought it on a whim last year, and I love it.  I can't imagine ever playing a show without one anymore.  To me, the idea of not using a Tempo REF is akin to driving a car that is unequipped with a speedometer."    Marc - Tulsa, OK


        "Im really diggin ur company. Its super amzing. Great products all year long. Keep coming out with me stuff for fans like me. Ill always support yah guys and gals. Thanks for keeping it real! If you could can u please send me sum shirts or stickers. Some kind swag.Sum drumsticks,stickers, wrap, wax or bags, picks ...anything like that..stick wrap. kool!"    Spencer - Calgary, AB


        "I can't say enough compliments about the Tempo Ref.  I perform with two bands, and it has become an invaluable tool to me. One band is a Rolling Stones tribute band in which getting the FEEL of the songs is extremely crucial to pulling off the SOUND of the songs, especially when the songs we are playing are so well known by both casual fans and the extreme enthusiasts alike. I've just joined another band which is predominantly modern country rock - a style in which I do not have much previous playing experience. So, I'm learning the songs with the aid of the Tempo Ref. By accurately learning the tempos while practicing at home, I'm better prepared when rehearsing the songs with the band; especially since I am playing songs and a style that I am unfamiliar with. I have been a drummer for over twenty-five years, and always felt that I had good timing.  But, one can never be 100% accurate, and if the feel of the song isn’t just right, the whole sound will suffer. This product is very useful in reinforcing the groove on the good nights and helping get back on track during the not-so-good performances. It is also a very effective peacemaker that has settled more than a couple tempo disputes! Once I began using the Tempo Ref during live and practice situations, the tempo and feel of a song has since never been an issue. Thank you for such a great product! I would highly recommend it to anyone, from novices to professionals, of all styles."    Michael - Pittsburgh, PA


       "This is a winner!"    Mary - Murrieta, CA


       "The mini Tempo REF rules!! Completely solidified my drumming. I'm tighter than I have been since I started 15 years ago."    Kevin - OK City, OK


       "This is the best thing I ever worked with..."   Esteban - Redwater, TX


       "Your product has made my job infinitely easier!"    ? - Somewhere, USA

Many more to come...